Scott’s Grotto has a long history and is now looked after by a charity – Scott’s Grotto CIO – which is run entirely by volunteers.  The management is in the hands of a small number of enthusiastic trustees who are responsible for preserving the site for future generations and opening the site to welcome visitors. The ever-increasing number of visitors are looked after by volunteer stewards.

The Grotto is open on Saturday and Bank Holiday afternoons between April and September when we aim to have a team of three stewards on duty. Their primary role is to look after the Grotto and make sure no damage is done to the building and its surrounds. At the same time a friendly and welcoming steward providing help, advice and information adds considerably to the enjoyment of our visitors which is of course very important to us. There is a guide book to the Grotto, a personal copy of which is provided to each steward. Most of the answers to visitor’s questions can be found in the book although many visitors have often ‘Googled’ the Grotto before visiting so already have the answers to many of their questions.

At the beginning of each season volunteers are asked which dates they prefer and most will commit to three sessions during the year.  A rota is then drawn up and shared with all volunteers together with their contact details (email addresses and phone numbers).  A reminder is sent to the volunteers on duty at the beginning of the week and obviously personal circumstances change and swaps may have to be made as the year progresses.

Most visitors are very appreciative of the presence of the volunteers. This in turn make it a worthwhile and rewarding way to spend a summer afternoon in delightful surroundings, often meeting some interesting people from far and wide.

We always welcome new volunteers and run induction/information sessions for folks who might be interested in helping. If you think you could help or would just like to find out more then please use the contact link below.

Many thanks.